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GGJ Policies and Procedures - Sample Documents

Introduction to the New GGJ Policies and Procedures for the Strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards 2024

We have prepared the following sample documents for our new Example Policies and Procedures aligned with the Strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards 2024:

The document, Policies and Procedures: STANDARD 1 THE PERSON, shows:

We have, in the Standards document, listed in table form, the actions required and the relevant procedures that address each action. These will be hyperlinked to the procedures in the Procedures Directory.

We have included as an example of a procedure, the Employment Checks Procedure.

The Procedures

Please note that the procedures, other than the Employment Checks Procedure, are not yet hyperlinked. Many procedures are still to be developed.

Procedures are developed to avoid duplication of information and to simplify the search for information. They also support full integration of Home Care, Residential Care and NDIS into a single system.

Each procedure has an Information Page at the end of the document as per the Employment Checks Procedure. This includes keywords that will facilitate the finding of procedures. The information page can be customised by the purchaser; however it is recommended that the key words are maintained to facilitate searches.

Updating will be much easier than previously as we will provide a copy of changed procedures with changes highlighted.

Please note the working documents are provided in Word format.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact:

Leslie Gevers: 0407 197 992

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