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What People Say

Town of East Fremantle Neighbourhood Link
“We would like to thank you for your help and support in developing a comprehensive set of customised policies and procedure for our CHSP service. Your support has been invaluable as we are such a small team that has minimal support with administration. The policies provided have enabled us to look in more depth at our procedures and has allowed us to make continuous improvements across all areas.

We are very happy to have purchased the additional audit tools and look forward to introducing them as part of our audit and continuous improvement process.“

APTO Group
“I did want to say a big thank you to the entire team at GGJ, we have relied on your amazing product for quite a number of years at Apto Group. All of that time it had a positive impact on nearly every process and document we used day to day. It also helped us through numerous audits and was always well received. It made a difference and helped me immensely from day 1.

Thank you for your support and assistance over the years, it was very much appreciated.“

Berlasco Court Caring Centre, Indooroopilly
“Thank you for the comprehensive suite of policies. I am getting great feedback from the Management Team about them. “

Quambie Park, Waroona
“We have engaged an ex-employee who used to cover quality and records management and has a strong organisational skill set, if we did not have her to call we would have struggled. Having said that, the Polices and Procedures are sound, and we have taken them as a minimum standard to work, to ensure that everything we do surpasses requirements. They were also very useful in prompting us to Iook further into our practices. The resources and forms are great too.”

Longreach Home and Community Care
“Longreach Home and Community Care Inc. has been associated with GGJ Consultants for many years. They have provided us with Policies & Procedures, forms and other resources relating to the Aged Care sector. The provision of these resources has been invaluable and saved us many hours of work and made our working life a lot easier. GGJ Consultants have always been very willing to help with information and resources when requested. They are very reliable, and their resources are very valuable and up-to-date, especially when reviews are being held.”

Comfort Keepers Fremantle
“GGJ has been great to deal with. They respond quickly and provided the information I needed to make a decision. The new Policies and Procedures Manual for Home Care contains an enormous amount of information but is still easy to read and understand. The customisation took a bit of time but wasn’t too difficult. The support provision for updates in legislation is so imperative to keeping on target. Well done GGJ.”

Stroud Community Lodge
“I would like to thank your company GGJ for providing such a comprehensive, easy to read and understand set of policies and procedures. To have everything set out for you and you just customise to suit your company has made it very easy for us to tackle these new standards. The process looked very daunting for a small not for profit organisation, who can't afford the high consultants fees, but your package is enabling us to negotiate the process with a lot less stress. I also particularly like the links you have, where you can look up a form, or regulation just by clicking on the link.

I have found the whole process of dealing with GGJ to be excellent. The staff are very friendly and cooperative. I would definitely recommend GGJ’s services.”

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